Bigg Boss 13: Sidharth Shukla Gets Cosy With Arti Singh In The Pool

the Bigg Boss 13 house, Sidharth Shukla could be seen at a behaviour for the last few episodes. However he did something which mad Shehnaaz. In The recent episode of Bigg Boss 13, a different side of contestant Sidharth Shukla was seen by the audience. For somebody who is regularly seen as a short-tempered man, Shukla appeared quite relaxed and serene during the pool party. Even Sidharth did something that mad Shehnaaz Gill. A Pool party has been held from the contestants at the home. Sidharth Shukla was spotted enjoying the most in this party. Throughout the celebration, Sidharth got with Arti Singh. He also shook a leg with Shefali Jariwala inside the pool. Sidharth was seen flirting with Arti Singh. On the opposite side of the swimming pool, Shehnaaz Gill was noticing all this unfolding. Gill got upset to Arti with the proximity of Sidharth.

Sidharth Had teased before the swimming pool party had started Shehnaaz to not search for his face in somebody else. Gill had responded that nobody in the home trusted her and that everybody had a dislike for her. The pool party was organized for the party of Shefali winning the robbery task. After she robbed the many matters she became the winner. Bigg Boss had given this pool party for Shefali. He asked Shefali to take along five contestants with her. Shefali chose to take Asim Riaz, Arti Singh, Himanshi Khurana, Sidharth Shukla, and Hindustani Bhau. In The event to be aired on November 19, the task will be a Swayamvar for Shehnaaz Gill. As Hindustani Bhau becomes his dad, the contestant will try to win her hand. Asim, Sidharth, and Paras will be seen trying to woo Shehnaaz that they win the endeavor. Sidharth Shukla are seen discussing And. The two friends are seated close to the entrance gate of the home and Sidharth inquires Asim, what is happening in his or her mind. Asim then says how the dynamics of this home has changed in microseconds. Sidharth asks him whether he’s included in that listing. To which, Asim says yes you are. He talks about his relationship with all Shehnaz Gill and Arti Singh. Sidharth instantly cuts in saying that never take out this topic (referring to Arti along with his spat) He says that no matter what, even when we flip foes, nevertheless we will not dig out these items.

Asim says that when they had been in a group, they had a leadership from the game, and everyone’s scattered. Sidharth says that he has made an exception to Asim else he wouldn’t do this for anybody or since he means a lot to him. He said how he isn’t liking what is occuring between Sidharth and Devoleena Bhattacharjee. To which, Sidharth says that she is also playing with a game, so is he reciprocating to it in the same manner. Sidharth Shukla retaliated stating that he has never stopped Asim from speaking to Himanshi Khurana or even Shefali Jariwala. All This happened following the contestants were called indoors by Bigg Boss and Asked them to rescue two contestants that they want to see them go ahead in this game.

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